When designing and rendering projects, students often leave lighting decisions to the last minute. These exercises ask students to make lighting their primary focus and will hone their ability to look critically at interior lighting.


TASK ONE: rendering with light

Select a project from module 4 and design the lighting for the given space based upon your observations of a historic one. Consider the designer’s contrasting use of shadow and light and his or her incorporation of both natural and artificial lighting. Notice the multiple levels of lighting at various heights throughout a space and study the interactions of light and materials. Do not focus on light fixtures; instead, make the quality and intensity of light the driving force behind your design. SketchUp Model

TASK TWO: fixture selection

A client has asked you to select light fixtures for her family room. She has an extensive collection of mid-century furniture, but she also wants to use energy-efficient lighting. How would you resolve both issues?


What types of fixtures would you select and why? Consider why designers during the 1950s and 1960s utilized a fixture and if would be appropriate for an interior today. Think of all types of fixtures (floor, table, ceiling, and wall) and what you would specify. Sketch your fixture selections on the image provided and write a brief paragraph justifying your choices. Image