Nuckolls Fund for Lighting EducationLighting Across the [Design] Curriculum, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-university approach to lighting education initiated by a group of educators and funded by the $50,000 Twentieth Anniversary Grant awarded by the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education. Named for lighting designer and inspirational lighting educator James Nuckolls, the Fund has awarded a total of more than $695,000 to institutions and individuals to support and encourage lighting education in the U.S. and Canada.

The idea underpinning “Lighting Across the [Design] Curriculum” is that lighting is so critical to all aspects of design, that the conversation must be initiated early in a student's design education and carried throughout the design educational process with multiple topics. Comprised of 7 interactive modules (and applicable to architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture as well as to architectural engineering), content, examples, definitions, and educator resources are provided, supplemented with animations, audio, and other interactive features.

The team strategizes approach and initial development of the seven modules.


The team wishes to acknowledge Kevin Tedore in the development of this website resource. The interactive design and development, animations, text design, and page layout are each a result of his creative and digital expertise.